Honorary Lecturers

Lecturer Location Proposed Talk Title(s)
William X. Chávez Jr. USA
  • Metals Mobility in the Weathering Environment and Supergene Enrichment Processes
  • Hypogene and Supergene Alteration Geochemistry Applied to Minerals Exploration
  • Minerals Exploration: A Worldwide Perspective
Michiel C. de Wit South Africa
  • Diamond Exploration
  • Primary and Secondary Sources of Diamonds
M. Stephen Enders USA
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Exploration in the Next Decade
  • An Industry Perspective on Future Geology Education
  • In My Back Yard - The Role of Mineral Resources for a Healthy Society
  • Case Histories of Discovery - the Summitville Story
  • Case Histories of Discovery - the McDonald Story
  • Exploration Efficiency: Major and Junior Company's Approaches
  • Innovation in Exploration - A Prerequisite for Success in Juniors to Majors
  • Essential Elements of Exploration Success
  • New Perspectives, Exploration Strategies and Technologies to Meet Societal Needs
  • A Paradigm Shift and Mind-Set Change for Exploration - It's About Time
Richard J. Goldfarb USA
  • Orogenic Gold Deposits--Geology, Exploration Criteria, and Genetic Model
  • Gold Metallogeny and Earth Evolution
  • Phanerozoic Growth of Asia and Development of its World-Class Gold Resources
Mark D. Hannington Canada
  • Metals in the Oceans
Kevin B. Heather Chile

Kevin can give talks in both English and Spanish.

  • Geology and Mineralization of the Rio Grande Cu-Au Porphyry, NW Argentina
  • Geology and Mineralization of the El Indio Au Mine, Chile
  • Geology and Mineralization of the Haquira Cu-Mo Porphyry, Southern Peru
  • Geology and Mineralization of the World-class Cerro Vanguardia Low-sulphidation Au District, Patagonia Argentina
  • Introduction to Breccias
  • Understanding Alteration Associated with Porphyry Cu Deposits
  • Porphyry and Epithermal Deposits
  • The Exploration to Production Pipeline: How it Works.
  • Key Factors for Exploration Discovery Success
  • Best Practices in Mineral Exploration
  • The Lost Art of Geological Mapping: Should We Care?
  • The Antares Minerals Story: Key Factors in the Discovery and Monetization of Porphyry Cu Project — A Junior Company Perspective
Jeffrey W. Hedenquist Canada
  • Discovery vs Dogma: Lateral Thinking During Successful Exploration
  • Transition from the Epithermal Environment to the Tops of Porphyry Deposits
Douglas J. Kirwin Thailand
  • Diatreme Breccias-Characteristics and Examples
  • Sediment-Hosted Gold Deposits in Southeast Asia
  • The Exploration Business - Current Challenges and Future Trends
  • Over pressured Volatiles, Fluids and Textures in Intrusion-Related Ore Deposits
  • Jade in Myanmar
  • The Carlin-Type Au-Hg-Sb-As-F-Tl Deposits in Southwest Kyrgyz Republic
  • The Discovery History of the Giant Oyu Tolgoi Gold-Copper Deposits, South Gobi, Mongolia
Chusi Li USA
  • Lessons From Important and Newly-Discovered Magmatic Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposits in China
Cornel E.J. de Ronde New Zealand
  • Developments in seafloor mineralization of intraoceanic arcs
  • Seventeen years of investigating seafloor hydrothermal systems of intraoceanic arcs: what have we learned?
  • Exploration of intraoceanic arc hydrothermal systems around the world
  • Submarine seafloor hydrothermal systems
Noel C. White Australia
  • Epithermal Gold Deposits: Characteristics, Key Processes and Genesis
  • Porphyry Deposits, Characteristics and Origins
Daniel G. Wood Australia
  • Some Thoughts on Discovery
  • Science, Art, and Business in Mineral Resource Discovery
  • Discovery History of Gosowong, Toguraci and Kencana Bonanza-grade Gold Ore Bodies, Indonesia
  • Discovery Challenges with Deeper Ore Bodies
  • Discovering Deeper Porphyry Ore Bodies - Is There a Role for Geophysics?
  • Creating Wealth and Avoiding Gambler's Ruin
  • Economic Geology - An Exploration Perspective