SEG Distinguished Lecturer

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Year Lecturer Talk Title(s)
2023 David Holwell
  • Unconventional Magmatic Sulfide Systems: Looking Outside of the Box for the Next New Ni-Cu-PGE Discovery
  • Tracing Metal Fluxing Through the Lithosphere from Magmatic Sulfide Through Porphyry to Epithermal
  • The Northern Limb of the Bushveld Complex: New Developments in the World’s Most Valuable Ore Deposit
  • Porphyry Fertility Starts in the Lower Crustal Goldilocks Zone
2022 Elizabeth A. Holley
  • Did Carlin-Type Gold Come from Magmas?
  • Distal Disseminated and Carlin-Like Gold Deposits, Nevada
  • Responsible Critical Minerals: Transforming Mining for the Energy Transition
  • Coexisting with Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining: A Guide for Geologists
2021 David Cooke
  • New Advances in Geochemical Exploration—Detecting the Subtle, but Giant, Geochemical Footprints of Porphyry Cu and Au Deposits Using Mineral Chemistry
2020 Benoît Dubé
  • Gold Deposits of the Archean Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Canada: Distribution, Metal Content, Styles, Genesis, and Exploration Implications
2019 John Proffett
  • Early Mineralization with High Copper Grades in Porphyry Copper Deposits: Its Characteristics and Its Genetic and Economic Significance.
  • Importance of Geological Mapping to Understanding Structure and Ore Genesis at the Greens Creek Massive Sulfide Silver-Gold-Zinc Mine, Alaska, and Some Applications to Exploration and Mining.
  • Timing of Sulfide Deposition in Porphyry Copper Deposits and Its Importance in Understanding Sulfide Zoning, with Applications for Exploration and for Genetic Studies.
2018 Christoph A. Heinrich
  • Fluid Evolution and Selective Metal Enrichment in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Cu-Au Ore Systems
  • Physical Hydrology and High-Precision Zircon Petrochronology of Porphyry Copper Systems
  • Archean Gold: Lode Deposits, Silver Isotopes, Magmatic Degassing, and Early Life on the Kaapvaal Craton
2017 Lluís Fontboté
  • Cordilleran Polymetallic Deposits as a Deposit Class in Porphyry Systems
  • Hydrocarbons and the Genesis of Mississippi Valley-Type Deposits
  • Future Supply of Mineral Resources
2016 John F.H. Thompson
  • Changing world—changing exploration (distinguished lecture).
  • Magmas and—physical and chemical processes.
  • Exploration and innovation.
2015 Sarah-Jane Barnes
  • The use of trace element contents in ore minerals for exploration, exploitation, and interpretation of Ni-Cu-PGE deposits, chromite deposits and Fe-Ti-V-P deposits.
  • Formation of platinum-group element deposits.
  • Formation of magmatic Ni-Cu sulfide deposits.
2014 Kaihui Yang Exploration and research in different cultures: Challenges and rewards.
2013 Anthony E. Williams-Jones Rare earth element ore genesis—the great unknown.
2012 Daniel G. Wood Crucial challenges to discovery and mining of tomorrow's deeper ore bodies.
2011 Lawrence M. Cathles, III Meeting the resource challenge on an increasingly specialized and populated planet.
2010 Dr. Craig Hart
  • A redox paradigm for intrusion-related gold systems.
  • Asia's golden architecture—the tectonic foundations for Asian gold.
2009 Jonathan M.A. Hronsky
  • Self-organised critical systems and ore formation: The key to spatially predictive targeting.
  • The case for a greenfields renaissance.
2008 Cornel E. J. de Ronde The Kermadec-Tonga intraoceanic arc: An 8-year odyssey of discovery.
2007 Stephen F. Cox What can stable isotopes tell us about the development of fracture-controlled flow systems: An example from the Taemas area of the Lachlan Orogen, S.E. Australia.
2006 John J. Gurney A global perspective of natural diamond formation—relevance to exploration.
2005 Robert J. Bodnar The role of fluid inclusions in ore genesis research: Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
2004 Michael P. Martineau Lightening the heart of darkness - the rebirth of gold mining in Sub-Saharan Africa
2003 Marco T. Einaudi Sulfidation-Oxidation states of fluids in porphyry copper systems compared with active hydrothermal systems - time-space transitions
2002 John S. Dow Exploration Geology - business and leadership challenges for the future
2001 Terry Seward Hydrothermal ore-forming systems - new insights from experiments into transport and deposition mechanisms
2000 Francisco Camus I. The CODELCO experience: 10 years of exploration for porphyry copper deposits in the Central Andes
1998 Ross R. Large
1997 Tommy B. Thompson Porphyry-related carbonate-hosted mantos, Colorado Mineral Belt
1996 Anthony J. Naldrett
1995 Spencer R. Titley The crustal affinities of metallogenesis in Southwestern North America
1993 Douglas W. Haynes Ore genesis of the Olympic Dam deposit - A Hypothesis
1992 Robert O. Rye The evolution of magmatic fluids in the epithermal environment: the stable isotope perspective
1992 Richard H. Sillitoe Gold and copper metallogeny of the Central Andes
1991 Werner F. Giggenbach Magma degassing and mineral deposition in hydrothermal systems along convergent plate boundaries
1989 Lewis B. Gustafson The importance of structural analysis in gold exploration
1988 James M. Franklin Sea floor hydrothermal activity: implications for preserved massive sulfide deposits
1987 Paul B. Barton, Jr. Diversity among epigenetic ore deposits: processes, systems and styles
1986 T. Neil Irvine Layered intrusions and their ore deposits in a global framework
1985 John P. Hunt Applied geology at Quebrada Blanca and Collahuasi, Chile, and the future of U.S. metal mining
1983 R. L. Smith The concentration patterns of chlorine-fluorine and selected metals in silicic magmas and some thoughts on their genesis
1982 Pentti Rouhunkoski Exploration practices in Finland
1980 Jan Hoeve Uranium metallogenesis in Saskatchewan: Reflections on the role of basement, unconformity and Athabasca Formation
1977 Zell E. Peterman Geochronology and the Archean of the United States
1977 William H. Callahan The history and discovery of the zinc deposits at Elmwood, TN: Concept and Consequences
1975 Edwin W. Roedder Fluid inclusions as a tool in mineral exploration
1975 Leo J. Miller Corporations, ore discovery, and the geologist
1973 Desmond A. Pretorius Domains, temporal and structural, of mineral deposits of Southern Africa
1973 Duncan R. Derry Ore deposition and contemporaneous surfaces
1971 C. Wayne Burnham Water, magmas and porphyry coppers
1971 Haddon F. King Some anitpodean thoughts about ore
1969 Heinrich D. Holland Granites, solutions and base metal deposits
1969 Frank G. Snyder Galena-sphalerite-barite in rocks of Arbuckle-Beekmantown age
1967 Donald M. Fraser Exploration of an iron ore district in Gabon, Africa
1967 Donald E. White Ore forming fluids of various origins
1965 Charles H. Smith The Muskox Project from birth to adolescence
1965 D. Foster Hewett The deposits of stratified manganese oxides and carbonates
1963 Konrad B. Krauskopf The possible role of volatile metal compounds in ore genesis
1963 Sir Kingsley D. Dunham Neptunist concepts in ore genesis