Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer

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Year Lecturer Talk Title(s)
2023 Sally Goodman
  • The Mineral Systems Approach to Exploration—Have We Capitalized on Its Promise and Avoided Its Pitfalls?
  • How to Find a Gold Deposit: Using Data Integration, Structural Architecture and Event Timing for Exploration Success
  • Travels with a Hammer—Geological Lessons from a Life in the Field
2022 Hartwig E. Frimmel
  • Paleoclimate and Metallogeny
  • Paleoplacer Deposits: Economic Significance and Outlook
  • The Global Gold Cycle: How Did It Start?
  • Witwatersrand: The Great Controversy on the Genesis of the World’s Richest Gold Province
2021 Julie Rowland
  • A Metal-Transfer Superhighway and the Golden Trigger: Rheological and Tectonic Controls on Late Cretaceous to Recent Precious Metal Mineralization in Aotearoa, New Zealand
  • Hydrologic, Magmatic and Tectonic Controls on Hydrothermal Flow, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand: Implications for the Formation of Epithermal Vein Deposits
  • Faults, Fluids, and Ore Deposits: A Structural Primer
2020 Massimo Chiaradia
  • Controls on the Formation of Porphyry Copper and Gold Deposits
  • Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Magmas Associated with Porphyry Deposits
  • Geochronology of Porphyry Deposits
2019 Sarah Gleeson
  • Diagenesis, Sulfur, and Giant Zn Deposits.
  • Pyrite as Ore and Gangue in Hydrothermal Systems: Potential and Pitfalls.
2018 John H. Dilles
  • Tops and Bottoms of Porphyry Copper Deposits Revisited: From Source Magmas to the Lithocap Alteration Zones.
  • Magmatic Processes that Produce Porphyry Copper Deposits: From Batholith Formation to Anhydrite, Apatite, and Zircon Mineralogy.
  • Using the Zonation of Trace Metal Geochemistry and Hydrothermal Mineralogy for Porphyry Copper Mineral Exploration.
  • Structural Geology of Porphyry Copper Deposits from Regional Tectonic Setting to Vein Formation.
2017 Dan Wood
  • Discovery of the Kencana Au-Ag Orebody at Gosowong, Indonesia
  • Theme: What is Mineral Exploration?
    • Exploring for Ore—Why We Get Paid
    • Present Exploration—How We Have Explored
    • Future Exploration—How We Will Need to Explore
2016 Jeremy P. Richards
  • Tectonomagmatic controls on arc metallogeny.
  • Porphyry and epithermal ore formation in post-subduction tectonic settings.
  • Links between porphyry and IOCG deposits.
  • Neotethyan metallogeny from the Carpathians to the Himalayas.
  • Writing scientific papers (a talk directed mainly at graduate students, covering ethics as well as content).
2015 Karen D. Kelley
  • The giant concealed pebble Cu-Au-Mo porphyry deposit, southwest Alaska: Evolution and exploration implications.
  • Stratiform sediment-hosted Zn-Pb-Ag deposits in the northern Cordilleran region, North America with emphasis on Red Dog, Alaska, USA, and Howards Pass deposits, Yukon and Northwest Territories, Canada.
2014 Neil Williams
  • Deep mineral exploration—the next economic geology frontier.
  • Geological surveys—an Australian perspective on their important role in mineral exploration.
  • The giant Carpentarian lead-zinc province of northern Australia—what have we learnt over the last 40 years?
2013 José Perelló
  • Anatomy and evolution of contiguous porphyry Cu-Mo and Cu-Au mineralization at Los Pelambres, Chile.
  • Principal copper belts of the American Cordillera from Alaska to Chile.
  • Andean copper-gold metallogeny.
2012 Paul G. Spry
  • The connection between Au and Te in hydrothermal gold telluride deposits.
  • The utilization of mineralogical anomalies in the exploration for metamorphosed massive sulfide deposits.
  • Broken Hill-type Pb-Zn-Ag deposits: Genesis and classification.
2011 Glenton J. Masterman
  • Porphyry-epithermal transition in the Collahuasi district, Chile: Structural superposition of high-sulfidation epithermal mineralization into the porphyry environment.
  • Exploration target models: incorporating science, strategy, and economics as ingredients for discovery success.
  • Careers in exploration.
2010 Michel Cuney
  • A genetic classification of uranium deposits.
  • Evolution of uranium fractionation processes through time, driving the secular variation of uranium deposit types.
  • What are the parameters controlling the formation of high-grade uranium deposits? The example of unconformity related deposits of Saskatchewan.
  • Uranium fractionation during magmatic processes and “fertility” of igneous rocks as a uranium source for ore deposits.
2009 Richard Tosdal
  • Tectonic Transitions in the Porphyry-Epithermal Environment.
  • Footprints of Carbonate Rock-Hosted Polymetallic Deposits in Central Peru.
  • Building the Geologic Environment of Carlin-type Au Deposits in Northern Nevada.
  • Managing Expectations in Industry-University Research Collaborations.
2008 Noel C. White
  • Working in Exploration, past, present and future (general interest)
  • Ore deposit models and their use in exploration (technical)
  • Understanding Exploration and Mining: Who does it, why they do it, and how they do it.
  • What knowledge is needed to be a good geologist and explorer?
2007 Jamie Wilkinson
  • Intracratonic hydrothermal flow systems and the genesis of sediment-hosted Zn-Pb ore deposits
  • Metal sources and sinks: searching for the key ingredients to make hydrothermal ore deposits
  • The potential of Zn, Cu and Fe isotopes in the science and exploration of ore deposits
  • Determining ore fluid chemistry using laser ablation ICPMS analysis of fluid inclusions
2005-2006 A. James Macdonald
  • Why Geoscience?
2004-2005 David R. Cooke
  • Breccias in epithermal and porphyry deposits: the birth and death of magmatic-hydrothermal systems
  • The giant stratiform sediment-hosted Zn-Pb-Ag deposits of Northern Australia
  • Porphyry copper-gold deposits: characteristics, genesis and on-going controversies
  • El Teniente porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit, Chile: formation of the world's llargest porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit in an active continental margin
2003-2004 Francois Robert
  • Gold-quartz vein field of the Val d'Or district of Abitibi: A type example of a synorogenic system Giant gold deposits of the Abitibi greenstone belt and related models A comparison of gold deposits in the Abitibi, Canada, and Eastern Goldfields, Australia, Archean greenstone terranes Geology and setting of gold deposits of the north Carlin trend, Nevada
2002-2003 Richard Goldfarb
  • Lode gold deposits through earth history—patterns in space and time
  • The tectonic evolution of Alaska and controls on regional metallogenesis
  • Gold deposits of China—Precambrian cratons and Phanerozoic orogens
  • Orogenic vs. intrusion-related gold deposits—similarities and differences
  • Geo-environmental aspects of Alaska gold deposits
2001-2002 Antonio Arribas R.
  • From volcanoes and geothermal systems to world-class precious metals deposits
  • Exploration for epithermal deposits
  • Case studies of epithermal and porphyry mineralization
2001-2002 J. Richard Kyle
  • The economic geology of microbes: relation between mineral resources and bacterial processes
  • The rise and fall of an industrial minerals giant: a century of fire and brimstone
  • The giant Pliocene porphyry-skarn copper-gold deposits, Ertsberg District, Indonesia: exploration, production and research in a challenging environment
2000-2001 Graham Farquharson
  • Reflections of the Bre-X Saga
  • Pioneering mining in the arctic
2000-2001 William X. Chavez, Jr.
  • Mineral resources and mining: supply, demand and the environment
  • Supergene oxidation of copper deposits: the zoning of copper oxide minerals and applications to minerals exploration
1999-2000 Murray W. Hitzman
  • The Zambian Copper Belt—a new look at a classic world-class district
  • Geology and genesis of the Irish Zn-Pb orefield
  • Olympic Dam-type iron oxide Cu-Au-U deposits
1999-2000 John F.H. Thompson
  • Research and mineral exploration
  • Cordilleran metallogeny of Western Canada
  • Intrusion-related mineral deposits; tectonics, magmas and fluids
1998-1999 Michael J. Knuckey
  • World-wide exploration, can we afford it?
  • Exploration—Strategic Planning
  • Economic implications of world-wide exploration
1998-1999 C. Michael Lesher
  • Physical volcanology, geochemistry and petrogenesis of komatiitic basalt lava channels and channelized sheet flows in the Cape Smith Belt, New Quebec
  • Genesis of magmatic Ni-Cu-(PGE) sulphide deposits
1997-1998 Hugo T. Dummett
  • Discovery of the Northwest Territories, Canada, diamond-bearing kimberlite province and implications for future discoveries
  • Hydrothermal brecciation in porphyry copper deposits, an essential component of main stage mineralization
1997-1998 Jeffrey W. Hedenquist
  • Volcanoes, geothermal systems, and hydrothermal ore deposits: an intimate relationship
  • Evolution of intrusion-centered hydrothermal systems: coupling of porphyry and epithermal ore environments
  • Exploration for epithermal gold deposits in the Circum-Pacific region
1996-1997 Richard W. Henley
  • Exploration in a chaotic world
1996-1997 Lawrence D. Meinert
  • Exploration geology on the frontier—the search for gold in exotic places
  • Hydrothermal fluid flow and mineral zonation in skarns associated with magmatic systems
1995-1996 Robert J. Bodnar
  • Volatile evolution and the source and distribution of metals in porphyry copper systems
  • Fluid inclusion techniques in the exploration for mineral and hydrocarbon deposits
1995-1996 Odin Christensen
  • Sedimentary rock-hosted gold deposits of the Carlin Trend, Nevada
  • Gold deposits in sedimentary rocks
  • Mining geology today: applying geologic knowledge for resource stewardship and environmental protection
  • What makes a successful explorer
1994-1995 Bruce A. Bouley
  • Metamorphic core complexes, detachment faults, extensional tectonics, and gold mineralization—progression of a paradigm
  • Calc-alkalic (Shoshonitic) lamprophyres and gold: the Mt. Estelle connection
  • Geology and exploration at the Pebble porphyry copper-gold deposits, Alaska
1994-1995 Stephen E. Kesler
  • Origin of Appalachian Mississippi Valley-type deposits
  • What can we learn from fluid inclusion gas chemistry
  • Application of oxygen isotope geochemistry in mineral exploration
  • Metallogenesis of Middle America and the Caribbean
1993-1994 Alex C. Brown
  • Genesis of stratiform copper deposits
  • Genesis of Abitibi gold deposits
  • Genesis of volcanogenic massive deposits
  • Moroccan base metal deposits
1993-1994 Kenneth F. Clark
  • Metallogenetic provinces and epochs of Mexico
  • Gold and silver deposits in Mexico
1992-1993 Gilles O. Allard
  • Mineralogical anomalies - exploration targets for metamorphosed ore deposits
  • The Dore Lake Complex, Quebec; a metamorphosed Archean layered igneous complex
  • The tectonic and metallogenetic evolution of the Chibougamau Mining District, Quebec
  • The exploration potential of the Carolina Terrane (Slate Belt and Charlotte Belt) of Georgia
1992-1993 Richard E. Beane
  • Fluid inclusions: a record of ancient geologic environments
  • Hydrothermal fluids associated with shallow intrusions: what were they like and where did they come from?
  • Interpreting hydrothermal processes in high-level gold systems
1991-1992 Donald E. Ranta
  • New gold mines of the Western United States
  • Geologic evaluation of ore deposits—from discovery to production
1991-1992 William H. Spence
  • Continental tectonics, intraplate earthquakes, and metallogenic provinces—a hypothesis
  • Gold deposits of the Southern Appalachians
1990-1991 James M. Franklin
  • Volcanic massive sulfide deposits, ancient and modern
  • Geochemical and isotope studies of sulfides and alteration—Pipes associated with modern and ancient massive sulfide deposits
1990-1991 Peter G. Vikre
  • Trends in the gold mining industry in Nevada
  • Precious metal deposits in the Great Basin
  • Mineral exploration and geology
1989-1990 William E. Seyfried
  • Experimental and theoretical constraints on hydrothermal alteration processes at mid-ocean ridges
  • Geochemical processes affecting base metal mobility in submarine hydrothermal systems
1989-1990 William C. Shanks III
  • Geology and geochemistry of hydrothermal vent fluids, sediment alteration, and massive sulfide deposits in the Escanaba trough, Gorda Ridge, Northeast Pacific
  • Geochemical reaction modeling of fluid mixing, water-rock interaction, and stable isotope evolution in submarine hydrothermal systems
1988-1989 Richard W. Hutchinson
  • Re-evaluation of gold source in Witwatersrand ores metallogency of Precambrian gold deposits: space and time relationships
  • Regional metallogency in the Northwestern U.S. and its significance in ore deposits geology
  • Mineral deposits as guides to supracrustal evolution
1988-1989 Richard H. Sillitoe
  • Ores in volcanoes
  • Gold deposits in Western Pacific Island arcs
1987-1988 Robert E. Folinsbee
  • Mineral exploration and exploitation into the 21st Century
  • Zipf's Law and the log normal size distribution of ore deposits
  • The USSR as a mining colossus
  • Mineral exploration and exploitation in Australia: 1968, Before and After
1987-1988 Ernest L. Ohle
  • The genesis of Mississippi Valley-Type lead-zinc deposits; how strong is the evidence
  • Professional ethics for geologists
  • The history of ore discovery in the world's largest lead district, southeast Missouri
1986-1987 William S. Fyfe
  • Plate tectonics and resources
  • Organisms and mineral deposits
  • Formation of gold deposits
1986-1987 Frederick J. Sawkins
  • Ore generating systems through geologic time: uniformitarian and non-uniformitarian aspects
  • Depositional controls and metal sources for epithermal precious metal deposits: A view from Mexico
1985-1986 Allan V. Heyl
  • Little known types of ore deposits found in recent years including invisible or new types of deposits
  • Geologic characteristics of three major Mississippi Valley Districts
  • Types of massive sulfide deposits from Kuroko, Rammelsberg, Falun to Balmat
  • The Rio Grande trough or rift and some related ore deposits
  • Summary of major deposits of the Appalachian fold, thrust, and Piedmont Belts of the Eastern U.S. and Canada
1985-1986 Spencer R. Titley
  • The types and styles of mineralization of the Pacific Ocean perimeter
  • The nature of intrusion-centered ore systems
  • The interplay of process and environment in ore formation
1984-1985 Steven D. Scott
  • Polymetallic sulfide deposits of the modern Pacific Ocean and their ancient analogues
  • Lithogeochemical and mineralogical haloes as exploration guides for volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits
  • Sulfide and sulfide-silicate equilibria in hydrothermal and metamorphic environments: experiments and applications
1984-1985 Paul K. Sims
  • Geology and metallogency of Archean and Proterozoic terranes in the Great Lakes Region
  • Tectono-stratigraphic environments of depositiojn of Archean and Proterozoic iron formations - with emphasis on Lake Superior Region
1983-1984 Leo Miller
  • Distribution of ore deposits and their environments through geologic time
  • Massive sulfide deposits within volcanic arcs
  • Deep drilling for ore fluids within modern volcanic arcs
  • Sulphur ore controls within evaporite basins
1983-1984 Brian J. Skinner
  • The tenuous resource base
  • The evolution of mineral deposits through time
  • Submarine ore-depositing processes in the modern ocean
1982-1983 C. Wayne Burnham
  • Magmas and hydrothermal fluids
  • Processes of hydrous magma generation
  • Evolution of hydrothermal fluids from magmas
  • Hydrothermal mineralization and alteration by magmatically- derived fluids
1982-1983 Marco T. Einaudi
  • The geologic environment and compositions of skarn deposits: implications for mineral exploration
  • Geology and exploration at Anaconda's Carr Fork Property, Bingham Canyon Mining District, Utah
  • The Yerington Mining District, Nevada: A 5km vertical section through porphyry copper and related deposits
1981-1982 Heinrich D. Holland
  • Hydrothermal vents on the East Pacific Rise at 21"
  • Metals in black shales
  • Marine evaporites and the history of sea water
1981-1982 Donald F. Sangster
  • Sandstone-hosted lead deposits: a review of their geology and genesis
  • Physical parameters of ore fluids and depositional environments -Controlling formative sites of submarine exhalative deposits in volcanic and sedimentary terranes
1980-1981 H.L. Barnes
  • Clues to ore genesis from modern geothermal systems
  • Mineral solubilities and ore formation
  • Mississippi Valley-type deposits - a genetic model
1980-1981 Stanley H. Ward
  • The search for hydrothermal systems
  • Geophysics and ore deposits
1979-1980 Robert O. Fournier
  • Hydrothermal systems in the shallow magmatic environment
  • Estimation of underground temperatures in active hydrothermal systems
  • The active hydrothermal system at Yellowstone National Park
1979-1980 John P. Hunt
  • Geology of porphyry copper
  • Geology as applied to mining
  • Geology and exploration
  • Mineral resources and political power
1978-1979 Samuel S. Adams
  • Aspects of the geology of the Jackpile-Paguate uranium deposits, New Mexico
  • Uranium geology, exploration, reserves and resource assessment
  • Ore deposits, exploration and curricula
1978-1979 Allan F. Agnew
  • Illusions - the Congressional process and geologists
  • Risks - the geologist and public policy
1977-1978 A.M. Goodwin
  • Precambrian metallogenesis and tectonism
  • Archean metallogenesis in the Superior Geotraverse Project, Canadian Shield
1977-1978 J. David Lowell
  • Mineral Exploration: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
1976-1977 Eugene N. Cameron
  • A Mineral Policy for the United States
  • The Bushveld Complex - evolution of a treasure house
1976-1977 A. J. Naldrett
  • Recent ideas with respect to genesis of nickel sulfide deposits
  • Ultramafic Volcanism - morphology, magma chemistry, and magma genesis
  • Sudbury - impact, eruption and mineralization
1975-1976 Paul B. Barton, Jr.
  • No specific title available
1975-1976 William C. Kelly
  • The tin-tungsten deposits of Panasqueira, Portugal
  • Deformational features in the common ore sulfides
  • Geological applications of fluid inclusions
1974-1975 Konrad B. Krauskopf
  • Ore deposits and igneous processes
  • Tungsten: Geochemical behavior and ore deposits
1974-1975 Walter S. White
  • The native copper and copper-shale deposits of Northern Michigan
  • The regional geology of the Keweenawan Copper Province, Lake Superior Region
1973-1974 Donald Everhart
  • Geologic controls and genesis of phosphate and potash deposits
1973-1974 Lewis Gustafson
  • Evolution of porphyry copper mineralization at El Salvador, Chile
1973-1974 Ulrich Petersen
  • Metallogenic provinces of South America
1972-1973 Charles Meyer
  • Evolution of ore-forming processes through geologic time
1972-1973 Donald E. White
  • Hydrothermal fluids of diverse origin
  • Geothermal energy - principles and potential
1972 James A. Noble
  • Metallogenic provinces and metal ore finding in the Western U.S.
1972 H.D.B. Wilson
  • The significance of copper lead belts - Ore deposits of Archean shields