Waldemar Lindgren Award

The Waldemar Lindgren Award is offered annually to a young scientist whose published research represents an outstanding contribution to economic geology. The award which consists of a citation, dues-free membership in the Society, and travel to annual SEG Conference for the presentation, is not restricted to the candidate's nationality, place of employment, or membership in the Society. The award is given for contributions to economic geology from any subdiscipline of geology (including, among others, structural geology, mineralogy, environmental geology, hydrology, petrology, geochemistry, stratigraphy, geophysics, and mine geology). Originally awarded for excellence in research by a student, the award, beginning in 1972, is awarded for research in economic geology. The contribution shall be measured by consideration of one to three papers published by age 35.

The awardee must be less than 37 years of age on January 1 of the year in which the award is presented. Any SEG member in good standing may nominate candidates for this award. The impact and importance of the nominee’s publications (for work completed by the age of 35) must be addressed in all letters of support. Nominees who are not selected in their first year of nomination, but are still eligible will be considered for awards in following years. Visit the Medals and Awards page for nominating instructions.

Past Recipients

NameYear Received
Joseph M. Magnall2023
Michael Anenburg2022
Margaux Le Vaillant2021
Mathias Burisch2020
Awards not presented this year2019
Yongjun Lu2018
Pilar Lecumberri Sanchez2017
Sophie Decree2016
Zoltan Zajacz2015
Simon M. Jowitt2014
Shaun L. L. Barker2013
Martin Reich2012
Patrick Mercier-Langevin2011
Brian G. Rusk2010
Iain K. Pitcairn2009
Andrew G. Tomkins2008
Sarah A. Gleeson2007
Thomas Monecke2006
Stephen J. Piercey2005
Anthony C. Harris2004
Werner E. Halter2003
Timothy Baker2002
Jens Gutzmer2001
Jacob B. Lowenstern2000
Graham Pearson1999
Steffen G. Hagemann1998
Hiroshi Shinohara1997
Mark D. Hannington1996
Jeremy P. Richards1995
Geoffrey S. Plumlee1994
Naomi Oreskes1993
Mark D. Barton1992
Kevin L. Shelton1991
François Robert1990
Michael A. McKibben1989
Dimitri A. Sverjensky1988
Craig M. Bethke1987
Robert J. Bodnar1986
Edward T. C. Spooner1985
Mark H. Reed1984
Ross R. Large1983
David Crerar1982
Neil Williams1981
George H. Brimhall, Jr.1980
Morris J. Viljoen1978
Richard P. Viljoen1978
Steven D. Scott1977
Danny M. Rye1976
Richard H. Sillitoe1975
Robert O. Rye1973
George H. Davis1972
Alexander C. Brown1971
Hiroshi Ohmoto1969
Wallace H. MacLean1968
Travis H. Hughes1967
Louis J. Cabri1965
Robin Brett1964
Lewis B. Gustafson1962