For over 40 years as a Fellow, SEG, through its publications, conferences, and field trips, has been an integral part of my being an economic geologist. The Society has not only grown numerically during these four decades but has also become progressively more international, to the point where it now truly represents economic geologists globally. During my consulting activities I inevitably work with SEG Members worldwide, many of whom have played active roles in the Society and contributed to its prestigious publications. Whether as a Student Member, Member, or Fellow, and irrespective of the state of the exploration and mining business, I urge you to take advantage of SEG's many benefits as well as help to determine its future directions.

Richard Sillitoe

Richard Sillitoe (SEG 1976 FL)

While the story of SEG is steeped in almost 100 years of history, the commitment to advancing the science and the discovery of mineral resources through research, publications, courses, and field trips has never been stronger. While I've certainly benefited from my membership throughout my career, it's my volunteer work that I've found immensely fulfilling—a chance to serve and give back. I've had the tremendous opportunity to work and interact with some of the leaders and visionaries of our profession, and I've forged new professional networks, made new friends, and interacted with some of the brightest students and early-career professionals. SEG's focus on professional development and aligning our profession to the highest standards of scientific integrity and ethics is certainly an honorable calling, and one which very much aligns with my personal values. I urge all economic geologists not only to join and benefit from membership, but to get involved and help make a difference for a noble purpose.

Robert Krcmarov

Robert Krcmarov (SEG 2006 F)
Senior VP Global Exploration
Barrick Gold Corporation

My success is also very much related to my long involvement with SEG. The Society has, throughout my career, provided the opportunity to meet so many leaders in mineral deposits research and exploration, all of whom give freely of their time and intellect to encourage the professional development of our community. I have profited thoroughly from my involvement with SEG, first a critical source of knowledge during my student days, and since then through its publications, conferences and field trips, my opportunity to serve as associate editor of Economic Geology, councilor, president, a founding member of the SEG Canada Foundation (SEGCF), and chair of the SEG 2010 Conference.

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin (SEG 2014 SF)
Franklin Geosciences Ltd

I extend my appreciation and thanks to all of the SEG staff for the exceptional quality of publications and service provided to me over the many years of my membership. It is without doubt that my SEG membership has been very rewarding and I will recommend membership to others if and when that opportunity presents itself.

Richard Côté (SEG 2006 M)
Consulting Professional Geologist

I wish to thank you for your hard work and the high level continuously reached by your journal. Geologists should be proud of the extraordinary work that you do. Thank you and continued success.

Andrew Stancioff (SEG 2002 M)
Independent Environmental Services Professional