Evolution and Application of Technology in Economic Geology

Exploration and Technology Webinar Series

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Series Description

Join SEG for a free discussion series that will provide participants with an open forum for interaction with industry experts as they explore the evolution and application of innovative technologies within economic geology. This year-long series will provide students and early career geoscientists with an opportunity to further their understanding of relevant topics such as geologic modeling, machine learning, and the future of career paths within the exploration industry. The goal of this webinar series will be to educate and update geologists on the most meaningful ways to leverage technology to connect the fundamentals of economic geology with the critical need to solve tomorrow's complex problems.

Panelists will review their unique career paths, provide engaging discussion on relevant concepts, and host "mini-lessons" related to key technology themes. And for those looking to further the discussion beyond the webinars, this series will also provide additional reference materials and opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals throughout the year.

Maptek, the series sponsor, is a global provider of innovative software, hardware, and services for the mining industry. They are dedicated to ensuring our workforce creates a better tomorrow by supporting and providing high-quality professional development opportunities in the mining and metals sector that empower geologists to efficiently perform geological work while leveraging innovative technology. Maptek website

Series Moderator


Maureen Moore

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Maureen is a Technical Services Geology Manager at Maptek and manages the training program for the Technical Services Team. She has been a professional geologist and educator for over fourteen years. Prior to joining the Maptek team she worked as a field and exploration geologist for Newmont Mining Corporation, O'Brien & Gere, URS-Diamond/DuPont, Pennsylvania Topographic & Geological Survey (DCNR), and West Chester University. Read more...

Webinar Discussions

  • Understanding the importance of geologic modeling fundamentals and the effectiveness of specific types of modeling methods
  • How technology is best leveraged to enable exploration geologists to make robust and accurate interpretations of the geologic data collected
  • Practical applications for how machine learning and big data science are being used in different aspects of economic geology and the mining supply chain
  • Consider the ethical side of increased technology use and the importance of implementing quality control standards and best practices
  • Discuss and explore current and future career paths within economic geology by leveraging technology to be successful while facing the challenges of the future
  • Guidance and feedback from industry professionals who have a passion for their respective industries and hope to share their wisdom with the next generation of geoscientists

Upcoming Webinars

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Webinar #TitleDate Series
1Geologic Modeling FundamentalsMarch 22, 2022 Exploration and Technology22ET1
2Introduction to Machine Learning and Big DataJuly 14, 2022 Exploration and Technology22ET2
3Careers in Economic GeologyNovember 3, 2022 Exploration and Technology22ET3