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Base Metals Webinar Series

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Series Description

Join SEG for a free mini-lecture webinar series that will provide geoscientists with an open forum for interaction with industry and academic experts as they discuss the significance of copper, zinc, nickel, and lithium exploration over the coming decade. This free discussion series will focus on the critical importance of base metals and dedicate each webinar towards investigating a specific commodity with regards to the latest regional and global market trends, exploration highlights, and developments from within industry that are impacting the global economy.

The series panelists will present insightful mini-lectures on relevant themes for each commodity, provide engaging discussion on a wide range of key concepts, and bring their unique perspectives to the conversation. This webinar series will also provide additional reference materials and opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals for those looking to network and continue the discussion.

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Series Themes

  • Copper – Red Metal for a Green Future
  • Zinc – Galvanized by Growth
  • Nickel – Devil’s Metal in Demand
  • Lithium – Launching Global Exploration

Series Moderator


Lauren Zeeck

Colorado School of Mines

Lauren is a Ph.D. candidate at Colorado School of Mines studying ore and gangue mineral textures of high-grade low-sulfidation epithermal deposits. She received her M.Sc. in Geology from CSM in 2018 and her BA in Geology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Read more...

Webinar Discussions

  • Supply and demand – understanding how base metal supply chains function and addressing the supply challenges that are impacting society
  • Significant discoveries – deposits that have fundamentally changed the game
  • Developing new frontiers in exploration through the increased use of applied technology and the continuing advancement of geological models
  • How growing demand for more metals is contributing to the increased awareness of environmental, social, and governance issues throughout the world
  • Understanding how the projected increase in battery metals demand will require additional exploration funding, as well as improved efficiency of existing mine operations and waste streams
  • Valuable insight and feedback from a wide range of industry and academic professionals who have a passion for their respective roles and hope to share their wisdom with the next generation of geoscientists

Upcoming Webinars

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ThemeTitleDate Series
1Copper - Red Metal for a Green FutureApril 27, 2023 Base Metals23BM01
2Zinc - Galvanized by GrowthJune 29, 2023 Base Metals23BM02
3Nickel - Devil's Metal in DemandNovember 16, 2023 Base Metals23BM03
4Lithium - Launching Global ExplorationJanuary 18, 2024 Base Metals24BM04