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The inaugural SEG Student Chapter Podcast Competition, developed by the Society of Economic Geologists and the SEG Discovery to Recovery podcast team, encourages SEG Student Chapters to create audio discussions that highlight stories that are educational and thought-provoking, while promoting engaging and informative content related to economic geology and mineral deposit exploration and development. This is a superb opportunity for SEG Student Chapters to collaborate and tell the ore deposit stories that excite them, while also embracing the purpose and values of the SEG Discovery to Recovery podcast.

Entries will be posted on the SEG website and shared with SEG members worldwide, showcasing a variety of insightful and relevant topics to a global audience. Monetary prizes will be awarded to the top 3 submissions. Additionally, selected winners will have their submissions included within an upcoming episode of the Discovery to Recovery podcast and given the opportunity to present their entries during the SEG Student Chapter Earth Day event to be held in 2024.


1st place trophy

1st Place - $2,000

2nd place trophy

2nd Place - $1,000

3rd place trophy

3rd Place - $500

Podcast Guidelines

  1. Produce a 12-minute audio-only podcast clip that aligns with the overarching theme of Discovery to Recovery and focuses on topics related to economic geology, geoscience, technology, and mineral deposit exploration and development. Key points to remember include:
    • Podcast clips must be in the form of a 12-minute audio-only podcast segment.
    • Submissions must be in English.
    • Entries may include music, but it must be either an original creation of the SEG Student Chapter or used with legal permission.
    • Entries must not contain any obscene language or objectionable imagery.
    • All submissions must be the original work of each SEG Student Chapter.
      Recording Guidelines
  2. Before you begin you must review the "Rules of the Road" - the full list of details regarding eligibility, podcast requirements, and technical specifications.
    Rules of the Road
  3. Submit your podcast clip by Friday, March 29, 2024, using the link below.

Submit Your Podcast

SEG is using a OneDrive file collector for submissions. Please name your file with your Student Chapter name or abbreviation and the title of your podcast clip; OneDrive will automatically add your first and last name. Remember to include a file that contains your chapter's contact details, information on the hosts and guests, and a brief summary of your podcast theme. Please submit up to three relevant photos of guests or locations from the story, as these will be used to promote your chapter's work.



General (logistics, topics, etc.):

Eligibility (chapter compliance, etc):

Technical (OneDrive link, account access, etc.):