SEG Mentor Profile

Douglas J. Kirwin
Full Name
Douglas J. Kirwin
Primary Language Spoken
Secondary Language Spoken
Focus and Areas of Research and/or Interest in Economic Geology
Front-end exploration and project generation
Relevant Education/Work Experience
M.Sc. (Mineral Exploration) James Cook University Queensland, Australia
35 years international exploration experience.
I commenced my career as a field assistant for a major mining company and eventually paid my way through university, some of which was part time.
Hobbies and Interests
Mineral collecting, travel, history, and archaeology.
SEG Activities (e.g. positions held, awards/medals, lecturing)
SEG Vice President for Regional Affairs, 2009-2011
SEG International Exchange Lecturer, 2006
Personal Philosophy on Mentoring
Mentoring plays a valuable role in student and professional development in that experienced geologists and researchers have an obligation to share knowledge and experience (positive and negative) and to encourage colleagues to contribute to society as a whole.
Other Relevant Information
Very pleased to communicate with students and colleagues on any aspects of the exploration and mining industry based on technical and personal experience.
I previously worked for major companies, successfully ran my own business for many years, and more recently was involved with Ivanhoe mines which has gone from a C$300M market capitalization to
C$4000M over a 10 year period.