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Special Publication, No. 22 (Print)

Mineral Deposits of China

The 15 papers in Mineral Deposits of China summarize, interpret, and classify most of the major metallic mineral deposits in China. The goal of the publication is to introduce these deposits to the international economic geology community and to improve and enrich the global understanding of each deposit type. The chapters on deposit types are written by a team consisting of at least one world expert and one Chinese expert. This book is a must-have for geologists working in or doing research on deposits in China!

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1. Mineral Deposits of China: An Introduction
Zhaoshan Chang and Richard Goldfarb

2. Exploration and Mining in China
Tao Feng

3. Tectonic Framework and Phanerozoic Geologic Evolution of China
Wenjiao Xiao, Yongfei Zheng, Zengqian Hou, Brian F. Windley, Guochun Zhao, Min Sun, Ji’en Zhang, Dongfang Song, and Hongrui Zhang

4. Temporal-Spatial Distribution of Metallic Ore Deposits in China and Their Geodynamic Settings
Jun Deng, Yusheng Zhai, Xuanxue Mo, and Qingfei Wang

5. Porphyry Copper Deposits in China
Zhiming Yang and David R. Cooke

6. Skarn Deposits of China
Zhaoshan Chang, Qihai Shu, and Lawrence D. Meinert

7. Epithermal Gold Deposits of China—An Overview
Noel C. White, Dayu Zhang, Haolan Hong, Lijie Liu, Weian Sun, and Mingming Zhang

8. Orogenic Gold Deposits of China
Richard J. Goldfarb, Kunfeng Qiu, Jun Deng, Yanjing Chen, and Liqiang Yang

9. Sediment-Hosted Zinc-Lead and Copper Deposits in China
David L. Leach and Yucai Song

10. Geology and Metallogeny of Tungsten and Tin Deposits in China
Jingwen Mao, Hegen Ouyang, Shiwei Song, M. Santosh, Shunda Yuan, Zhenhua Zhou, Wei Zheng, Huan Liu, Peng Liu, Yanbo Cheng, and Maohong Chen

11. Magmatic Ni-Cu and Pt-Pd Sulfide Deposits in China
Chusi Li, Edward M. Ripley, and Yan Tao

12. Rare Earth Element Deposits in China: A Review and New Understandings
Yuling Xie, Philip L. Verplanck, Zengqian Hou, and Richen Zhong

13. Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Deposits in China: A Review and Perspectives on Ore Genesis
Xinfu Zhao, Wei Terry Chen, Xiaochun Li, and Meifu Zhou

14. Heavy Mineral Sands Resources in China
Bradley S. Van Gosen, Baohong Hou, and Tianrui Song

15. Exploration and Mining in China by an International Company: Experience from the Caijiaying Operation
Rupert W.A. Crowe

Z. Chang, R.J. Goldfarb (Editors)
December 15, 2019

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