Committee Guidelines

Investment Committee

Structure and Guidelines

The SEG Investment Committee (Committee) serves at the pleasure of and acts as investment advisor to the Council and, under its direction, manages the Investment Assets of the SEG. The Committee consists of five members (including the Chair), each appointed for three-year terms renewable at the discretion of the Council. One of the members of the Committee shall be a member of the Council and one shall be designated by the SEG Foundation. In addition, the SEG Treasurer and the SEG Executive Director shall be ex officio voting members of the Committee.

In managing the Investment Assets, the Committee takes into account the financial needs of SEG based on the advice of the SEG Treasurer; uses custodial services as needed, and seeks appropriate investment advisory and counseling services.

The Committee meets at least four times per year. A quorum for the conduct of business is three members. If three members are not present, the Chair may complete the quorum by assigning voting authority on a one-time basis to alternate members in attendance. All decisions are made by majority vote of the Committee.

The Committee, acting under the authority granted by the Council, approves all portfolio transactions and therefore has fiduciary responsibility for SEG's financial investments. Although not subject to personal liabilities and penalties in this capacity and responsibility, Committee members are encouraged to act in accordance with the "prudent investor rule".