SEG Student Chapter Podcast Competition

The SEG Student Chapter Podcast Competition, developed by the Society of Economic Geologists and the SEG Discovery to Recovery podcast team, encouraged SEG Student Chapters to create educational and thought-provoking audio discussions that highlighted stories related to economic geology and mineral deposit exploration and development. The result was a diverse submission of themes and narratives that encompass a broad spectrum of the exploration sector, including podcasts that touch on technical, social, and educational aspects of the science.

We hope that you take this opportunity to explore the SEG Student Chapter podcast library and that you enjoy discovering this great content for yourself. Thanks again to all of our participants and their excellent contributions!

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Congratulations to the Winners!

1st place winner

1st Place: Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

2nd place winner

2nd Place: Universidade de Brasília

3rd place winner

3rd Place: The Pennsylvania State University