Student Testimonials

Over the years, we have witnessed so many success stories with our students and received rave reviews from those very same students we wanted to share a few of them. If you ever want to share your feedback about SEG Foundation, we would love to hear it! Contact Anna Thoms at to share your story.

I cannot even begin to explain how appreciative I am to have received an SEG-Graduate Fellowship. A year ago, I was an undergraduate applying to schools and now I am president of the MUN SEG Student Chapter as well as a graduate student working on an extremely interesting project with an excellent advisor. This was possible in part, if not fully, due to receiving the Graduate Student Fellowship Fund...I cannot thank SEG enough for the fellowship and every other opportunity it has provided me with which is something I try to relay to our chapter here at Memorial. I hope that other students realize how helpful SEG is and that others are given the opportunities that I have been given.

Michael Buschette
MUN-SEG Student Chapter president
SEGF Graduate Student Fellowship recipient, 2013

I wanted to thank SEG for providing the opportunity and funding for me to participate in Student Field Trip (SFT-12) on Cu-Mo Porphyry Systems of the SW US. The field trip far exceeded my expectations. The course was well constructed and expertly delivered. I also really appreciate the time and thought that goes into selecting the professional mentors; all of the mentors and leaders were extremely knowledgeable and engaged with the students.

Rachael Saxby
Student Field Trip (SFT-12) participant, 2014

Many thanks for the generous allocation of funds to my continuing Ph.D. research...they have provided me with the ability to make a leap forward with my research and to extend my professional network with both academia and industry.

Sam Broom-Fendley
Camborne School of Mines

Hugh E. McKinstry Fund recipient, 2013

I wanted to express my real gratification and happiness for being a part of this journey...Personally it was an enriching experience in all aspects, both academic staff as being the only South American in the course I realized that different cultures with different languages can speak one common as geology...thank you very much for everything you gave unforgettable experience.

Victor Fritis Araya
Student Field Trip participant, 2014

I would like to convey my utmost thanks and gratitude for selecting me as a participant for the SEG Student 2015 Chile short course and field trip. (It) was one of the most insightful and educational experiences in, both, my undergraduate and graduate degrees. The opportunity to see a completely different approach to mineral exploration and exploitation was immeasurable. I am so appreciative of the SEG for creating and funding (this) and supporting the students and industry representatives who attended it.

Emily Smyk
M.Sc. Candidate, Department of Geology — Lakehead University
SEG Student Chapter president and Student Field Trip participant, 2014

My name is Wesley Hall and I am a current Ph.D. candidate in geology at the Colorado School of Mines. Thanks for all of the support SEG provides for students, I wouldn’t be where I am without SEG.

Wesley Hall
Student Research Grant (SRG) applicant, 2015
Hugh E. McKinstry Fund recipient, 2011

The 2012 SEG Porphyry Deposits of Southern Peru trip was an experience unlike any other and I am eternally grateful to the SEGF for supporting this trip year after year. Otherwise students like me would never have the opportunity to be part of the trips and benefit from the talented teachings of professors Bill Chavez and Erich Petersen...their expertise is beyond compliments. I'm sure it takes a tremendous effort to organize and fund a trip such as the one to Peru but I can assure you that no participant took it for granted and the experience impacted us both as people and as geologists. I hope to someday be able to contribute to providing other students with opportunities such as this one.

Daniela Anguita
University of Utah
Student Field Trip (SFT-10) participant, 2012

I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the provision of a 2012 Graduate Student Fellowship Fund. My membership over the last two years has allowed me access to a wealth of fascinating and exciting resources, including online access to Economic Geology and invaluable advice from esteemed economic geologists. SEG has allowed myself and others further opportunities, such as attending the PDAC conference in Toronto. Thank you, again for your generous support, it has assisted me not just as a student, but continually as a geoscientist with a desire to enhance my involvement in economic geology.

Jack Dann
M.Sc. Student, University of Ottawa
SEGF Graduate Student Fellowship Program recipient, 2012