SEG Silver Medal

The SEG Silver Medal was established in 1980 and may be awarded annually, but no less frequently than once every three years, for "excellence in original work in the geology of mineral deposits," which shall be broadly interpreted to encompass outstanding contributions to (a) the geology of mineral deposits, (b) the application of the science to minerals exploration, discovery, and/or mine development, and (c) the development of exploration technology.

The award will be considered primarily in recognition of excellence by or during the awardee's mid-career. SEG defines mid-career as not less than 10 years nor more than 30 years from the candidate's terminal professional degree, excluding any documented leaves of absence (e.g. parental leave, national service, caregiving, personal health or any other types of personal leaves of absence). A nominee for this medal need not be a member of the Society. Visit the Medals and Awards page for nominating instructions.

Past Recipients

NameYear Received
Jonathan M. A. Hronsky2023
Jens Gutzmer2022
Andrew G. Tomkins2021
Kathy Ehrig2020
Awards not presented this year2019
Andreas Audetat2018
Karen D. Kelley2017
John H. Dilles2016
Jeremy P. Richards2015
Stuart F. Simmons2014
David R. Cooke2013
José Perelló2012
François Robert2011
Ross R. Large2010
Lawrence Meinert2009
Mark D. Hannington2008
Robert J. Bodnar2007
Christoph A. Heinrich2006
Holly J. Stein2005
John J. Gurney2004
John M. Proffett2003
Richard H. Sillitoe2002
Richard J. Goldfarb2001
Jeffrey W. Hedenquist2000
Murray W. Hitzman1999
Donald A. Singer1998
W. E. L. Minter1997
Steven D. Scott1995
Hiroshi Ohmoto1994
Marco T. Einaudi1993
Robert O. Rye1991
David I. Groves1990
Shunso Ishihara1989
Carl R. Anhaeusser1988
J Julian Hemley1987
Roy Woodall1986
Richard W. Hutchinson1985
Donald F. Sangster1984
J. David Lowell1983
Anthony J. Naldrett1982
Brian J. Skinner1981