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SFT 2021 Virtual Archive + PDF

Giant Carbonate-Replacement (Manto) Gold Deposits of North-Central Nevada: The Carlin and Cortez Trends, USA

Virtual Archive + SEG Guidebook

SFT 2021, held in September 2021, was provided virtually because of pandemic travel restrictions. In lieu of a field visit, the Student Field Trip Committee deployed a small film crew into the operations of Nevada Gold Mines (NGM) to capture a representative sampling of the giant carbonate-replacement (manto) gold deposits of north-central Nevada. The resulting SFT 2021 Virtual Archive comprises nearly 14 hours of videos and presentations. There are two options for purchasing:

  • Purchase of this SFT 2021 Virtual Archive, which will include a downloadable PDF of the accompanying field guide, SEG Guidebook, Vol. 64.
  • Purchase only SEG Guidebook, Vol. 64 without the virtual archive.

SEG Student Members: To recieve the discounted price of US$50.00, use discount code SFT2021S at checkout.

The Student Field Trip program is supported by the SEG Foundation through the Ronald E. Seavoy Student Field Trip Fund.

B. Putnam, R. Taylor, J. Lipske, K.B. Riedell (Editors)
February 01, 2024
Virtual Archive + PDF
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