Webinar Series

SEG hosts a series of webinars to address the needs of professionals in the field of economic geology. Restrictions in travel further amplify the need to have accessible content on career resources, technical training, and scientific discoveries. The series will serve as a resource to all professionals in the industry.

Dates and details for future webinars are provided below. Webinars will be held live and archived on the SEG YouTube Channel. Advance registration is required.

Begin DateTitle Series
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Begin DateTitle Series
August 27, 2020Controls on Porphyry Copper and Gold Deposits Traveling LecturerWEB007
August 11, 2020Logistics Explained – Planning an Exploration Program Early CareerWEB006
July 30, 2020Skarns: Zoning Patterns and Controlling Factors Traveling LecturerWEB005
December 11, 2019Drilling Techniques to Maximize Exploration Success Early CareerWEB004
November 13, 2019Design and Implementation of a Soil Survey Program Early CareerWEB003
October 17, 2019Essential Skills for a Modern Economic Geologist Early CareerWEB002
September 26, 2019Starting and Advancing a Career in the Minerals Industry Early CareerWEB001